Written by Becky Veydt
I love trees. I love what they can teach us. In this case, I love how this first picture above dissects the ground and gives us a small glimpse into the incredible root system. It is a wonderful reminder of how vast, complex, tangled and even unlovely the underlayment actually is. And yet, it is the very thing that sets the tree up for success or failure.

The same is true for families...
Written by Becky Veydt
THE CONTEXT: As you may know, FOBs are absolutely critical to local, national and world economies. In fact, on this side of the globe, they make up over 80% of North American businesses. They also routinely outperform non-family companies in employee productivity (born from greater degrees of emotional and financial investment in the employee), quicker turns on bureaucratic issues, and better overall training and retention of leaders, to name a few.

THE PROBLEM: Yet despite the preceding stats, reality shows that 2/3 of FOBs fail to survive to the second generation; only 12% make it to the third, and a mere 3% find themselves in fourth generation operations.

WHY? Because owning and operating a family business...
Written by Becky Veydt
Most people think power falls on leadership; and leaders do in fact have power, but only because it is given to them. Power really rests with those who follow. This is because followers always...
You're Invited...the New Leadership Power
Written by Becky Veydt
I don't know anyone who doesn't like to receive an invitation (except for maybe one to an IRS audit). Invitations are just fun, but they also evoke a deep emotional response in us as receivers. When we receive an invitation we psychologically hear an implied message of, "I want to be with you...You're one of the few on my list...You're important to me...I like you," and that lights up a critical part of our brain.

The power this message has in people, runs deeper than most recognize because it connects to one of our deepest needs, the need to belong. History is full of people saying yes to something they wouldn't have otherwise considered simply because the desire to "be part of" is so intense. So receiving an invitation carries a lot of weight; but have you ever considered the power of an invitation from the side of the sender?...
4 Steps to Squelching Stress
Written by Becky Veydt
In my line of work, I have countless conversations with people about how well their lives are working, and one of the most frequent topics I encounter is stress. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have some at some point, myself included. The question is what we do about it. While there are lots of opinions and suggestions, I want to address this from a bit of a different angle, connecting a few dots along the way.

First of all, let me point out that it doesn’t matter if our stress is actual or simply perceived. It’s still stress, it feels very real, and it has far-reaching consequences. For example, studies reveal when we even perceive we are under stress...,
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