Dr. Becky Veydt is a senior business consultant who specializes in  family operated businesses (FOBs) and close partnerships. She is a discerning and experienced problem solver, as well as a strategic partner in development and corporate strategy.

Research shows that family companies regularly outperform their non-family counterparts. Because of this, Becky stands on the principle that the family is the core of business stability. She also knows how hard it is to be a family AND a business, and so is committed to helping others safeguard their own missional and durational success by equipping them with the tools and knowledge they need to be successful...for years to come.

  • EXPERIENCE: 20+ yrs of consulting and leadership coaching
  • FAMILY BUSINESS OWNER: Personally owned/co-owned three; grew up in one (in its 4th generation), and has 11 FOBs in her extended family. She has seen, heard and experienced the gamut.
  • ADVANCED DEGREES: In Business specializing in Strategy & Leadership; and Intercultural Studies
  • FORMER UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR: Communications and Business

“I do not know if my relationship with my mom, the company president, would still be intact if it weren’t for the safe and productive environment provided by Becky Veydt.  She helped us separate business and family to allow for productive conversations about
our company’s future.”    - Kim, VP of nat'l software co.
"We thought we simply had business problems, but after working with Becky, we discovered it was really relational issues effecting our bottom line."                                                                                       - Randy, CEO of FOB
"Dr. Becky knows how to ask the right questions to get at the heart of core team concerns. She helped change the future of our company, and our family."   
                                   - John, FOB member, service industry

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