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If you're in a family business (or close partnership) then you know how hard it is. You're not alone. Over 80% of our country's GDP is created by family entities, and yet 2/3 of them fail to make it from one generation to the next. Sadly, relationship issues are a key factor.

My name is Dr. Becky Veydt and I equip family operated businesses (FOB), like yours, with the necessary skills to successfully navigate the relational complexities of being a family AND a business.

If you're interested in your business's success, click the button below for a free personal consultation.


Dr. Becky Veydt is a senior business consultant who specializes in  family operated businesses (FOBs) and close partnerships. She is a discerning and experienced problem solver, as well as a strategic partner in development and corporate strategy.

Research shows that family companies regularly outperform their non-family counterparts. Because of this, Becky stands on the principle that the family is the core of business stability. She also knows how hard it is to be a family AND a business, and so is committed to helping others safeguard their own missional and durational success by equipping them with the tools and knowledge they need to be successful...for years to come.

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